GreenSpice GOURMET PEPPER is exclusive, handpicked and selected whole black pepper grown on the tropical Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc

On the tropical island of Phu Quoc, the varieties of pepper are specifically selected, the climate is unique, and the growing methods employed by the island’s pepper farmers have remained unchanged for generations.

A very gentle mulch fertilisation is applied to ensure slow growth of the tall pepper bushes which will subsequently be reliably fructiferous for the next 25-30 years to come. Similarly, water and shade are controlled via simple means.

Cooperating with both the local government and farmers, Green- Spice is involved in the direct export from the island as well as in a CSR project targeted at ensuring an enhancement of work places and an increase in GAP-certified farmers and/or farmers with an Organic Farming certificate.

GreenSpice is looking for resellers and wholesale partners in EU-countries.

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